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1993: First independent film fest held; Cleveland-based artists featured.


1996: 501(c)(3) status acquired


1997: Screenplay competition, Film Production Training Program


2002: Board refined, programs enhanced, name changed to Independent Pictures


2013: Partnered with Atlas Cinemas (Lakeshore) to hold OIFF at a commercial theater.


2014: The organization refocuses; concentrates on branding and community outreach

We are a 501(c)(3) organization based in Cleveland, OH dedicated to supporting independent filmmakers on many levels. Our flagship event is the Ohio Independent Film Festival which we started in 1993. Originally called the Off-Hollywood Flick Fest, the event gained followers by offering audiences truly independent films they wouldn't ordinarily see in major theaters.


Independent Pictures is committed to the growth of the local film community. We have sponsored film training programs, neighborhood outreach initiatives, networking events, and an annual screenplay writing competition. With recently elevated film activity in Cleveland, we are poised to be an important link between the industry and the artists in the field.


There are many new and innovative ways to explore film ranging from large venues to the growing mobile platform. Independent Picture is constantly pursuing collaborations with other interest who share our goal of promoting Independent film.



Independent Pictures is dedicated to building a strong independent film community in Northeast Ohio by bringing artists, industry experts and audience members together through exhibition, education and networking events.


2014 Independent Pictures Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is composed of nine leading individuals, including our President, who bring a vast range of knowledge and experience to the task of overseeing Independent Pictures' work and activities. Board members provide governance, academic, financial, and nonprofit management guidance to help govern the organization's work and operations.


Robert Banks

Christopher J. Baxter

Paul Cusato

Matthew Dilts-Williams

Ann Eland

Therese Grida (Board President)

Katherine Isenhart

Brendan McCarthy


Independent Pictures Staff

Peter Balint

Executive Director



Making the Micro-Budget Movie

A film making seminar in Cleveland with filmmaker & TV director John Putch


March 7th at 1 PM

at Cleveland State

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